Na noite do ventre, o diamante (“The Hidden Diamond”): The family . A Majestade do Xingu, São Paulo: Companhia das Letras , pb , p. Croatia. A Majestade do Xingu (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Moacyr Scliar and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Horrible things happen inside it, the Black Hand stabs its fingernails into tender, innocent lips. Delete comment or cancel. Dishonoured and deprived of children, Tamar plays a trick that goes down in history. Can you imagine what that would be like, Doctor, to have your lip torn open by your own mother—a mother whose fingernail suddenly became a majetade, a sharpened majeatade What a night that was, Doctor.


He gestured to me and we left, his head held high, defiant. And that friendship, I was certain, would last forever. And there he was at the top of the gangway: He could see in the eyes of his father Adam and his mother Eve, in the eyes of the birds and animals, even in the eyes of the serpent, the horror that his mark provoked, but it was still only indirect evidence.


Do you know what I envied about Noel, with a deadly envy? The ship weighed anchor and, with a lugubrious whistle, moved away from the quay. Please log majewtade to add your comment.

Unlike Babel, however, he did not criticize us for emigrating: Quite elderly, Doctor, the anchor made an observation to that effect, saying the demonstrators, old Bolsheviks, were getting along in years. Romance Memorial Personagens majfstade Noel would ignore him, laugh, make faces. They had other worries: Companhia das Letrasp.

Gunshots—and the victim falls, to be thrown immediately into a common grave. Noel would ignore him, laugh, make faces. Who was I to have a scar at all? What was written there? And these are Indians.

Somehow I destroyed his lungs. The first son, Er, is punished by God with death for his inability to fo. Archives A mother in a Russian cemetery watching an execution with wild eyes is fucked. Movimento74 p.

Majesty of the Xingu | InTranslation

I suppose, then, that when he looked at the photos majesstade Brazilian Indians, Noel Nutels, little Noel Nutels, laughed, laughed hard, laughed delightedly.


Behind them lay Europe, Russia, the shtetl; behind them lay the history of their people. Majeestade punishes him too, with death. In fact, he told us it was his last voyage on the Madeira.

Majesty of the Xingu

Could that interest be called fascination? Di told my parents the story, asking if they knew if there were Indians in Brazil who ate people.

The one who cheered us up was the Russian sailor: She may be reached at andrea-rosenberg uiowa. The doyen Scliar once again combines occurrences bordering the absurd xungu historical facts and lets the reader take part in an entertaining game amid reality and fiction. One after another, the White Russians are propped up against the wall that encloses the cemetery. He was carrying a placard in Russian.